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Jobs in Cambodia is a greatest part one of the developing Country

Cambodia is a developing country that located in the Southeast Asia. The Cambodian population in 2016s are about 15 million people and about the 70 - 75 percent are live in at the countryside that we could be called them Ethnic, the most of them are working as a farmer to growing the rice in the rice fields, and others the remaining about 10 percent which is Khmer-Chinese, 10 percent which is Vietnamese and 5 percent which is Khmer Islam or Chams and nowadays about 20 percent of the population in Cambodia that lives in Phnom Penh that lives with mixture population.
Jobs in Cambodia at the countryside they have lots of jobs, but now that kind of jobs are likely too hard. However, the developing Country is developed whole the country such as the high streets, the national way, the road that connected to the small villages, and also participation from the NGO (Non-Government organization ) as well, that participated with the government of rural further developing. For some jobs in Cambodia such as growing the rice, climbing the palm tree that the most people in the rural areas always do that we can call it traditional jobs from the ancestors. Climbing the palm tree they work for some of the ethnic population are still works in a classical style by going into the mountains to gather the fruits and sell it or eat it and sometimes, they logged into the big forest to get vegetables from the natural and sell at the small market nearby them.
The most of them are live with the shortage livelihoods and lack the educations sector as well. Present, there were developed, they have enough school, but sometimes lack the teachers sector. Anyways, in 2016 to 2020, the government was said, they will improve the teachers and increase their salary about 800,000 rield a month up to 100,000,0 rield, to motivates to all the student want to become a teacher and want to help their country as well. Education of Cambodian people The education of Cambodia is the biggest part of developing country, the modern of education in Cambodia we can say is very slowly as we noticeable. At the countryside are very lack of modern education especially for the nowadays, Cambodia fastest growth with the social network that can’t help them to know about the information how developed they are and get lots of problems in there.

Jobs in Cambodia is also a big part one of developing the country as well, if we are no job and people in the country are lots of the poor people the government will hard to take care for all of them. The modern of education will push you up to the high jobs and succeed in your life anyway, Cambodia tradition jobs in Cambodia Cambodia, they’re having their own traditional jobs from the ancestors and continued to the present, lots of people live in the countryside or we called ethnic population. Apart of growing the rice again, they climb the palm tree to make a palm sugar. Before for the Khmer products or Khmer labors, they get so cheap price and also the Khmer products also sell very low prices. During this 3 years, the government starts to improve the products in the country to sell across the country such as Vietnam, Thai, China and also the others.
For traditional jobs in Cambodia nowadays is also going a little well, because their products were gained the appropriate price that they acceptable. Modern jobs in Cambodia By the technologies sector is growing up fast as noticeable, Cambodia was gets lots of jobs offer from the local company, the foreigners companies, lots of jobs available in Cambodia especially in Phnom Penh that people are live in there easy to find, on the other hand, people can make a recruitment by themselves as well, just posting the jobs application on the website online. The modern jobs they use the tools which are, computer, smartphone, internet that can work across the country.